Grumpiest Landlord

Well my lovelies, it’s all been a little manic round here last few of weeks, so please accept my apologies for not posting an update earlier.  For those of you who don’t know, hubby dear has gone and slipped a disc in his back! Our very own “Grumpy Landlord” is even grumpier than normal, but can’t blame him really.  Got to give him his dues, Nigel is still popping down to carry a glass to the bar one at a time – have to respect him for trying.  However, with the busy Christmas period looming, I do wish he would not be quite so stubborn and do as the Doc says and REST! Head-brick wall comes to mind.  Good job I love him.

The result of this is we have been a man down, but thankfully all our staff have stepped up and helped out.  Our number one son Jack has taken over cellar duties; like father like son.  A visit from Cask Marque last night showed how well Jack has been doing as stand in – we maintained our 100% – very happy chappie.20160319_211936


Anyway, here’s our link to my selection of winter warmers for this week, hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.



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