Autumnal Walks


I’ve been feeling a bit cabin feverish this week and longing to get out for more than a just a short walk with the dogs.  Not that Queen Polly minds, a bit of playtime with Mum and she is happy. Plus of course any fuss from customers is greatly appreciated by her ladyship. She has been known to block the way through only to move upon payment of lots of fuss and affection – we love Queen Polly.

So the other pair have only been out for bailey-swanmarches along the river, but that didn’t stop Bailey from trying to make tentative friends with a swan.  However, one hiss and flap of it’s wings saw our big softie running to Mum for protection.  That dog has no idea of how big he is really !  Bailey still thinks he is a lap dog hahaha.

Anyway, here is a link to one of our favourite walks when life isn’t so manic round here.  We are really lucky to have this right on our doorstep:

Dennis Hubbard Walk4life Sutton Bonington

Why not have a lovely Autumnal walk and finish at The Kings Head for Roast Dinner and hot drinks near our roaring fire?


Send us a message here to book your table book now or call 01509672331.

Here’s my link to the Specials this week to tempt you Caroline’s Kitchen Specials 16/11/16




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