Specials from Caroline’s Kitchen

To share…or not! 2 Prawn Twisters, 2 jalapenos, 4 breaded mushrooms, 4 scampi and 2 garlic bread served with a duo of dips and a salad garnish. £10.25.

Vegan Cottage Pie- A selection of vegetables and red lentils in a gluten free gravy, topped with fluffy mashed potato. £9.95

Fish Pie- fresh cod, salmon and smoked haddock gently cooked in a white wine and cheese sauce, topped with mashed potatoes. Served with fresh seasonal vegetables. £9.95

8oz Sirloin Steak- cooked to your liking and served with homemade onion rings, mushrooms, grilled tomato, chips and peas. £13.95

Add Caroline’s Stilton Sauce

Beef or lamb hot pot- beef or lamb in a rich gravy topped with salty potatoes. Served with seasonal vegetables. £9.95

Lamb Shank- slow cooked in a rich red wine and rosemary sauce served with seasonal vegetables, choice of new potatoes, mash or roasted potatoes. £12.95



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