Evening Menu

The Kings Legendary Fish & Chips

Our evening menu from 4th July

Pub Classics 

Our legendary battered Fish and Chips, mushy or garden peas £9.95 (GF+) 

Breaded Scampi, chips, garden peas £10.25 

Pie of the day with pub gravy, fries, garden peas £9.95

Liver and Onions, mash, mushy peas £8.95

Lasagne Verde, fries, salad garnish £9.95

Gammon Steak, fried egg, chips and peas £10.95

(add chef’s stilton sauce for £1.50)

Chicken Tikka Masala with basmati rice or fries £9.95

Chef’s Curry of the day with basmati rice or fries £9.95 (GF) 

Hunter’s Chicken, fries and salad £10.25 (GF+)

 Louisiana Chicken, seasoned chips, salad garnish £10.45 (GF+) 

Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagne, crostini, dressed leaves £9.45 (V) 

Chefs Special of the Day – Please ask ☺ 


Crispy Chicken, 6oz Beef, Aromatic Vegetable (v)  or Crispy Quorn (v) All served in a bun with fries and salad garnish £9.95 

Add Cheese, Bacon, Chorizo or Stilton £1 

Basket of Fries £2.85 

Cheesy Chips – Sweet Potato Fries – Onion rings £3.50 

Cheesy Nachos with salsa, jalapeños and sour cream topping £4.35 (GF) 

Little Ones (for children under 10)

 Pork or Quorn Sausages, Mini Fish Fillet Crispy Chicken Bites Served with fries, peas or beans or cucumber

 All £4.95 

If you require information about the ingredients we use, please ask before ordering. Fish & poultry dishes may contain bones. Allergy free products are prepared in a kitchen where allergens are present; subsequently we can never guarantee it is 100% allergen free.

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