Fresh Home Baked Pizza

Fresh  Home Cooked Pizza

               Margherita                            £7.95

Tomato sauce and mozzarella

               Pepperoni                             £8.95

Tomato sauce, with mozzarella and pepperoni

               Ham & Mushrooms             £8.95

Tomato sauce, with mozzarella and ham, mushrooms

The veggie                            £7.95

Tomato sauce, with mozzarella and our selection of fresh veggies

              Special of the day                 £8.95

Please ask the staff

              Garlic                                   £7.95

Garlic butter and mozzarella

              Extra topping               £1.00

Mozzarella                                        BBQ chicken

Pepperoni                                          Anchovies

Tuna                                                  Olives

Bacon                                                 Ham

Sausage                                             Pineapple

Onion                                                 Peppers

Chilli                                                  Sweetcorn