Our NEW Menu

Welcome to our NEW Menu now available.

Gluten Free & Allergies

We have gluten free food available on our menu, but we kindly ask for 24 hours notice for Fish & chips, so we can have our dedicated fryer ready for you.

Please note that whilst the products and fryers are free from gluten, other products containing gluten are prepared and cooked in the same kitchen. If you have any allergies, please let the staff know.




Homemade Soup of the Day                   £4.50

Served with crusty bread (gluten free & vegan option available)      

4 slices of Garlic Bread                             £2.50

               Add cheese £1

4 Chicken Wings                                          £3.50

Coated in sauce of the day, served with a salad garnish

Prawn Cocktail                                            £5.50

Prawns served in a Marie Rose sauce on salad

Garlic Mushrooms                                      £3.95

Served in a creamy garlic sauce with crusty bread

 Starter to Share (for 2 people)                £9.95

4 Slices of garlic bread, breaded mushrooms, stuffed and breaded jalapeños ,4 chicken wings, garlic mayonnaise & BBQ sauce dips.

The Bread Basket

Please choose your favourite bread:

White/Brown Baguette, Cob, Panini, White/Brown Sliced Bread, Gluten Free Bread

Served with salad garnish


Beef & Onion                                                        £4.95

Cheese & Onion                                                   £4.95

Cheese & Bacon                                                  £4.95

Sausage & Onion                                                £4.95

Tuna Melt                                                             £4.95

Tomato (v)                                                            £4.25

Classic B.L.T                                                        £4.95

BBQ Chicken                                                       £4.95


Cheese £1                               Chips £1.50


Hot Baked Spuds

Served with salad garnish

                Chilli Con Carne                                                 £4.95

                Cheddar Cheese (v)                                           £4.20

                Prawns with Marie Rose                                  £5.25

                Baked Beans (v)                                                 £4.20

                Tuna Mayonnaise                                              £4.95


             Extra Cheese £1                        Extra Toppings £0.50


Main Menu

Caroline’s Classic Beef Lasagne                                 £9.95

Served with garlic bread and salad garnish

Homemade Chilli Con Carne                                       £7.95

Served with rice, chips or ½ and ½

Gammon Steak and Egg                                               £9.95  

Topped with a fried egg, served with chips and peas

Caroline’s Steak and Guinness Pie                              £9.95

Steak slowly braised in Guinness until butter tender,

creating a delicious Guinness gravy, with a puff pastry lid.

Served with your choice of potatoes and either vegetables or peas

Breaded Scampi                                                                £8.95

Served with chips, peas, tartar sauce & lemon wedge

Large Whale                                                                       £8.95

Haddock fillet hand coated in the King’s secret batter!

Served with chips, peas, tartar sauce & a lemon wedge

Small Fish & Chips                                                          £6.45

Haddock fillet hand coated in the King’s secret batter!

Served with chips, peas, tartar sauce & a lemon wedge

8oz Sirloin Steak                                                              £14.95

British steak cooked to your liking, served with homemade onion

Rings, mushrooms, grilled tomato, chips & peas.

ADD Caroline’s Stilton Sauce for                                      £1.00


Build Your Own Burger

First choose your burger:

Beef Burger                                                         £4.95

Chicken Fillet Burger                                        £4.95

Fish Goujons Burger                                        £4.95

Vegetarian Burger                                            £4.95


 Add your toppings 

Cheddar Cheese £1   Chorizo £1    Bacon £1

Egg £1    Stilton Cheese £1


Choose your sides

Homemade Onion Rings                               £1.00

Salad                                                                  £1.00

Chips                                                                  £1.50

Potato Wedges                                                 £ 2.00
Finish with your favourite sauce


Tomato Ketchup

Tartar Sauce


Red Onion Chutney

Sweet Chilli

Garlic Mayonnaise


House Curries

All our curries are served with fluffy boiled rice.

Chicken Tikka Masala                                                   £8.95

Served with mango chutney & naan bread

Curry of the day                                                              £9.95

Served with prawn crackers or poppadum’s

Veggie Curry of the Day                                                £9.95

Served with prawn crackers or poppadum’s




Vegetable Lasagne                                                    £7.95

Served with garlic bread & salad

Stilton Tortellini with Rocket & Pesto                          £7.95

Served with hot baguette, butter and a side salad

Please also see our Weekly Specials and Build a Burger options.


Little Monarchs


Children’s Meals                                           £3.45


Choose from:

Homemade Fish Goujons

Cheese & Tomato Pizza


Homemade Chicken Nuggets









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